Week three and we’re back with another review. I originally intended to do a recipe, but I found myself short on time so I’ve opted to do it next week. It’ll be something along the lines of fried chicken, so stay tuned!

This week, I chose to review Little Caesars. I was curious. From what I’ve heard, opinions on Little Caesars are, for the most part, black and white. People either like it or they hate it, and I wanted to see which side I was on. Plus, the thought of a whole pizza for the low price of $5 was something i’d have trouble passing up. Here it goes!


I entered the small building that is the Little Caesars on Milpas. It was on the smaller side, sure, but not in a bad way. Whether it was due to Santa Barbara’s steep real estate prices or something else, I could not tell. The air smelled of fresh, hot pizza. It wasn’t the smell you might get in your traditional, Italian pizzeria; It was a more “manufactured” smell, if you will, as if there were countless identical pizza’s waiting under heat lamps. However, for $5 pizza it did smell good.

One of the many allures of Little Caesars is their low wait time, and I wanted to put that to the test. I ask what is ready, and from what I can recall they had pepperoni and cheese ready. I snag myself a pepperoni, hop in the car and head on home. The warm pizza heats up my lap, and I was ready to eat.


I crack the cardboard box open, and I smell the classic smell. Tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni, all coming together to create a smell that could only have come from the heavens. Pizza is truly a gift to mankind. Thankfully, the pizza was still warm, despite the 10+ minute ride home. I grab myself a soda from the hand-dandy refrigerator in my house, and begin eating.


Now, the review portion. First impressions: Average. It wasn’t anything special. It was simply average. Not bad, not good, just… average. There was hints of cardboard that had got it’s way into the flavor due to having sat in it’s cardboard prison for so long. Speaking of the cardboard box- It was well designed, having bright orange colors that brought your eyes to it. The graphic design work was good, and defiantly contributed to the “hype” I felt regarding eating this pizza. Important to note is that, as far as price goes, it was a steal. Places like Domino’s charges $6 for a small, 10″ pizza! To get yourself a large, 14″ pizza it is $10! With some application of my basic math skills, I can deduct that you can get ~2 pizza’s at Little Caesars for the price of one large pizza at Domino’s!

Aesthetics: 6/10

Flavor: 5/10

Price: 8/10 (A good deal for the price paid)

Overall: 6.3/10

In conclusion: I would, personally go back. It was an average place that gave decent quality pizza for a lower than usual price. The flavor was nothing astounding, sure, but it’d be good for a quick snack while on a budget. I encourage you to go out and give it a try. Tell me what you think of Little Caesars in the comments. Do you hate it, or do you love it? Have you had any odd experiences there? Let me now!

– Jack

P.S. Get your refrigerators stocked, as next week i’m bringing you the finest recipe the world has ever seen!


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