Super Sushi

Week 5, and I’ve got a craving for sushi. And as a result, I opted to take a trip to Sakana. Sakana is a local sushi place and after doing some research I actually found out something interesting in regards to the name of the restaurant; Sakana means a food eaten in accompaniment to alcohol. Which, makes sense, as they line their walls with various sake. Also, while on the topic of their decor, the place had a nice ambient to it. Sure, it was a little cramped, however that’s understandable considering the cost of real estate in Montecito. They also had a really awesome HD TV just above the bar, that showed various clips of the ocean, from jellyfish to sharks. In a way, it made me feel guilty. For all I know, I was eating the fish that was on the screen!

Sakana’s menu is extensive. They have various types of rolls, along with a wide variety of appetizers. In fact, it went into so much detail that they actually had two sections for appetizers; Hot and cold appetizers, to be precise. Something caught my eye on their appetizer menu.. the Grilled Stuff Calamari. I ordered it, and waited for my meal in excitement.

When it arrived, it was just as I hoped. It came in a long, hollowed out strip of grilled calamari. It had been covered with some sort of delicious sauce. It had a unique flavor- The closest thing I could relate it to is on of the sauces you might find on an Eel Roll. They also did the courtesy of adding some of the “mini squid” pieces, as I call them. (The ones that are all tentacle.) While some people aren’t such a fan of those, those are without a doubt my favorite type of calamari. The calamari had been stuffed with some sort of crab, only adding to the flavor. Individually, the dish alone was filling, and for sure is a must try for anyone looking for a filling appetizer.

Next, I ordered two rolls. The Snake roll, and the classic California roll. I’m not one to take chances when it comes to food, so that’s while I went with the age-old classic California roll. Nonetheless, it’s still great to see a restaurant master such a classic, which Sakana without a doubt did. It showed up with a rather generous amount of the orange eggs, known as “roe”. That’s always a plus, as I hate when places get greedy and don’t give you enough of that orange goodness.  The Snake roll was everything I  hoped it could be. I’m a sucker for eel, so it was an obvious choice for me. The top of the roll had a strip of eel on it, ad had been covered with an eel sauce. Delicious. Overall, one of my favorite rolls at Sakana.

Now, for the actual review. I can’t really make many complaints about Sakana, really. Our waiter was average. and was a bit on the inaccurate side when it came to getting orders correct and refills done on time. However, that didn’t negate from the experience too much. I wish, if possible, they could somehow find a way to expand their restaurant, as I had the misfortune of having an aisle seat where I constantly had people bumping into my chair. It was a bit pricey, so I will have to mark a point or two down, as I know there are other places to get sushi at a lower price. However, reflecting on it, I do believe I would be willing to pay that price again for the service and food I got. Flavor was outstanding, as could be expected from a place such as Sakana.

Aesthetics: 9/10

Flavor: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Overall: 8.3/10

So, that concludes this weeks review. What do you want to see next week? A recipe? A review? Let me know! Also, what sushi place is your favorite? Leave your answers in the comments. Till next week!

– Jack


2 thoughts on “Super Sushi

  1. Kim

    Your review was so helpful and made me curious to see theHD screen with the fish
    And Enjoy the calamari and try a new roll! Did they have a clean restroom? I hear that a clean restroom is a good indicative of a clean kitchen. Eating raw makes this probably even more important
    Thanks!!!! Off to sakana


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