Off to Via Vai

Week 6, and I had a hankering for some pizza! I didn’t want your average pizza, though, and I knew that I had already reviewed pizza. I decided i’d mix it up, and begin my hunt in search for the traditional Italian pizza. Mind you, i’m basically a pizza expert, as a summer or two ago, I biked all across Italy for the time span of a month, and it’s safe to say that I tasted my fair share of pizza. With that said, I opted i’d take a trip down to Via Vai, a renowned pizza place down on East Valley Road. It’s sandwiched between a few various stores, notably Wine and Cheese, a snack place frequented by the local elementary school students.

The dining area and experience is great. The interior dining experience is relatively cramped, however the atmosphere is still good none the same, and you do actually get a traditional Italian “feel”, so to speak. The outside dining area is considerably better, allowing you to eat comfortably and spaciously. They also went the extra mile and provided space heaters, which makes dining later at night far more enjoyable.

I ordered my food, and didn’t take long to receive my food. I called in advance, so it was easy enough to just show up and pick it up, without having to wait awkwardly for me food. I chose the classic Pepperoni Pizza and their calamari. (And if you know anything about me, you know I love my calamari!) The pizza was warm on arrival, and they had placed the calamari in a well sealed container, retaining the heat excellently.

The calamari was well cooked, however in certain part the breading wasn’t crisped, as I prefer. Nonetheless, it still was excellent and the sauce paired with it brilliantly. Frankly, the calamari alone could serve as a meal for one, so if you find yourself ordering it, make sure you’re either very hungry, or have a friend to share it with!

Next, the pizza. The pepperoni was interesting, as if they had all been perfectly sliced from one giant tube of meat. It created a sense of visual order, which I appreciate. The pizza itself was very well cooked, however the sauce did have an interesting taste to it- Not that I didn’t like it, it just kind of “stood out”, if you get what I mean. The cheese to sauce ratio itself was pretty good, with only a few parts having too much or too little cheese on them.

And now we enter the review portion of this blog. Overall, the dining experience at the restaurant is excellent, with seating accommodations inside and outside. They have a fairly vast menu, and do their best to keep a to a true, Italian feel. The only thing worth mentioning is that their menu is in Italian, which is good if you have a basic understanding of the language, but not so much if you don’t. Still, you can ask your server and i’m sure they will translate, need be. Without a doubt a restaurant i’d visit again whenever I want to get a taste of delicious, authentic Italian food. I’d personally recommend going, whether you are a pizza fanatic or just your average eater.

Aesthetics: 9/10

Flavor: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

That concludes the review for this week. I hope you all enjoyed it! Have you ever eaten at Via Vai before? Tell me your thoughts on it, i’d love to know! Also, if you’d like, give me suggestions for recipes and reviews to do, and i’ll be sure to get around to them!

– Jack


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