Colonel Sander’s Gift

Week 7. I knew had a craving for some delicious, perfectly fried chicken. Where could I get that at a relatively cheap, affordable price? That’s right… Kentucky Fried Chicken. They are known for the jolly man named Colonel Sander’s on their logo, as well as their fried chicken and delicious fries. My father went to pick it up, with the aid of my sister. I asked them about the interior situation of the actual restaurant, and they didn’t seem all that blown out of the water. They have a relatively small place, with a few tables that creak every time you put something on them. Their staff are relatively friendly, however this time, believe it or not, they were actually out of chicken! Kentucky Fried Chicken, out of chicken? However, they were relatively accommodating, and make up for any wait time that there was with a free drink for my father and sister.

The food arrived at last, and it was brought home to myself and my mother, who were eagerly waiting. Everything was warm, as they did a good job of packaging it so that nothing would go cold. I personally opted to grab myself a few large pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes (with gravy, of course!), a biscuit and macaroni. This all made out to be one, large plate of delicious smelling food. Admittedly, we didn’t get many vegetables or fruit, so the plate was, for the most part, of a distinctly brown hue. Upon thinking about it, this meal wasn’t exactly the most healthy thing we could of gotten, however it was too hard to pass up!

Everything was cooked well. The mashed potatoes did have a bit of a curious texture to them, however the gravy that I added on made up for where it lacked. The macaroni was, while good, a bit odd as well. The cheese was… curious, to say the least. Not bad, no, but not great, either. It made me question how “real” that cheese was. The fries were, as expected, delicious. Honestly, I might like their fries more than their chicken. The biscuit was great, and served as a great sponge for my gravy. The chicken, lastly, was fried to perfection and frankly, I don’t think it could of been done better. (At least in a fast food scenario, anyway.)

Fun fact: Adding Sweet Baby Ray’s to any of your KFC food will instantly increase the quality of it tenfold.

Anyway, lets get to the review. Complaints are minimal. For a fast food fried chicken, they did a relatively good job. Their actual store location could be improved, as the actual interior and exterior of the store aren’t what they have the potential to be. The service is typically fast- I’m willing to overlook the slightly longer wait time due to how accommodating they were. If you are to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken, my first piece of advise is to get the fries! They will increase the quality of your meal quite noticeably, and frankly could serve as a stand alone meal on their own. (If you couldn’t tell, I like their fries.) My second piece of would be that you take it home. Until they improve their indoor seating, i’d think it’d be more enjoyable for just about anyone to take it home and enjoy it in the comfort of their dining room.

Aesthetics: 6/10

Flavor: 8/10

Price: 7/10

Overall: 7/10

All said and done, i’d recommend KFC. Sure it’s not some delicious fine dining, like the one I mentioned in my Sakana blog post, but it is still for sure the top of my fast food fried chicken list. So head on down, get yourself some chicken. It’ll brighten your day, as I know digging into my delicious KFC brightened mine! Leave in the comments what you want next. A recipe, or a review? If you want a review, what restaurant should I review? Let me know! See you all next week.

– Jack


3 thoughts on “Colonel Sander’s Gift

  1. chester

    This was very helpful it inspired me to eat KFC that very night. The chicken was good – so glad no onions in the meal. thanks, Chester


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