The International House of Pancakes

Week 9, and we near double digits! I actually ate this meal during spring break, however the flavor is hard to forget! I was taking a trip up to visit a house my neighbor, who is an interior designer, had been working on for a good while now. We decided that as a family, we would stop and have a quick bite at the International House of Pancakes. Unlike McConnell’s, which I reviewed last week, the actual storefront was beyond spacious. It had plenty of room, with a bright blue sign at the entrance reading “IHOP” and a large waiting area, as they were quite crowded. It seems that even in the middle of the week, they are constantly packed. (Which frankly comes to little surprise.) Luckily for us, they had a table open that could accommodate us, and we quickly were able to sit down and order. The seats themselves were cushioned, and quite comfortable. Our waiter was friendly, and quickly took our order for our drinks. I decided i’d go with a hot chocolate, and my sister ordered a lemonade.

When the drinks arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. More often than not, many restaurants cut corners when it comes to hot chocolate. They either us too little milk, or no milk at all (and substitute with water), or use some odd whip cream that takes away from any good flavors that drink might of originally had. However, this was not the case here. The hot chocolate was the perfect balance of chocolate, milk and whip cream. The whip cream itself stood out, as it was incredibly delicious, however I know for a fact it was by no means good for me. Upon arriving with the drinks, she also took down our order. I decided i’d be going with what was known as the Colorado Omelette- a meal that promised large amounts of steak and sausage. My sister went with a meal of french toast, which she tends to order most times we are at IHOP. I was quite excited, as I’ve always been a fan of the omelettes that they have at IHOP.

The wait time was minimal. We got our meal, and we began to dig in. My omelette, personally, was massive. While they say there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, I do think there might of simply been too much here. While I do enjoy my omelettes, I do think they went a bit over the top with this one. However, besides that, it is and was my only criticism. The meat was excellent, perfectly  blending with the rest of the meal. I like how they added the shredded cheese on top, as it for sure raised the quality of the meal as a whole. My sister mentioned how much she liked her french toast, which came to no surprise. From what I could tell, they perfectly put the right amount of powdered sugar on it, and it appeared to be cooked to relative perfection. All and all, it made for a very hearty breakfast, one which I actually couldn’t finish in it’s entirety.

The Cheeseburger Omelette… something I have and had no interest in trying.

And now, we enter the review portion of this blog post. As far as flavor goes, they nailed it pretty well. The only thing that I might say is that they could possibly improve the steak a little bit, as it stuck out a bit compared to the flavor of the omelette. They could also reduce the portion size a little bit, as it is nice to get quite a bit of food for the price you pay, however too much is never appreciated, as you might end up just eating too much. Something i’d like to note is their wide variety of syrups. I like when places like this give you quite a bit of variety in your sauces, and IHOP did just that. Price was relatively average, however. Overall it wasn’t too bad, however I for sure think they could of charged just a little bit less, as it was only the slightly pricey side near the end. And aesthetically, the actual interior looked great. It was roomy, cushioned and had a nice atmosphere. Not much more can be said there.

Aesthetics: 8/10

Flavor: 9/10

Price: 7.5/10

Overall: 8.16/10

I would recommend going to IHOP any day of the week. Whether it’s for a quick bite, or a long relaxing meal, this is the place to go. I actually would recommend going against the norm a bit, and trying their omelettes. While most people just go straight for their pancakes, their omelettes for sure are excellent, and are absolutely packed with flavor. Have you been to IHOP before? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments. Also, would you like to see a recipe or a review next week? Let me know! See you all next week.

– Jack


One thought on “The International House of Pancakes

  1. chester

    Yum, I may ask my family if they go …if they’ll bring me back some IHOP! Cheeseburger omelet sounds great to me – if they don’t put onions on.


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