The Lure

Week 13, and I have a treat for you guys! With a flash of genius, I had an idea! What better way to not study for a biology final than to go eat at the Lure? I went with my mother, and we had the fun time of getting to order a wide variety of delicious appetizers and entrees. The overall feel of the Lure is amazing. The restaurant has a very nice atmosphere, with excellent seating options. In fact, they have a self-seat area and a more formal dining area- tonight, we opted for the formal dining area. We were greeted by a waiter who was exceptional. He was kind, good at his job and was very good at helping us with the time constraints we had. First impressions were good!

I started my meal off with a calamari. This calamari came with two sauces, and both were delicious. One had a sort of fruity flavor to it, while the other was more creamy and strong. The actual calamari itself was perfectly cooked. They didn’t go too crazy on the crispiness- which in many cases is a good thing. Also, they seasoned it ever so lightly, in a way that could be noticed but defiantly did not detract from the quality of the calamari as an appetizer. Overall, the calamari was filling and a must try if you get the chance.


You thought I was done with just calamari? Wrong. I also ordered a set of charbroiled oysters, which promised to be a real treat. Personally, I am not a very big oyster fan, but it’s too hard to pass up oysters at a place known for it’s oysters. The charbroiled oysters were delicious, having that slightly fishy flavors that oysters have, but at the same time having the perfect amount of seasoning to mask any of the less-pleasant tastes. They used some sort of a cheese on it, or so it seemed, and it made the oysters so much the better. Just like the calamari, a must try!

And now, the entrees. I personally went with the seared Ono, while my mother went with some other variety of fish- one I can’t really name off the top of my head. The seared Ono was excellent. It came with a wasabi and a soy sauce, and on the side had a potato cake and a pineapple coleslaw. The pineapple coleslaw was excellent, with the perfect amount of sweetness. The potato cake was alright, however I only could finish half due to how full I was at the time. The fish itself was excellent. The sauces added an incredible amount of flavor. (Mind you, the fish has a ton of flavor on it’s own anyway!) They had covered the Ono in some slightly-spicy seasoning, and I must admit it was delicious. My favorite entree I’ve had at the Lure… excellent!

Now, for the part that you were all waiting for… the review! As far as aesthetics go, the food and the restaurant both looked equally excellent. The restaurant is furnished nicely, with, as I said before, an awesome atmosphere. It was evident in the preparation that the chef had taken good care to make the food look at presentable as possible- and it paid off. The flavor was excellent, with the sauces only adding onto a flavor that was excellent on it’s own. The price was affordable, by all means, considering what we got. While it may be on the more costly side, I think you get every pennies worth over at the Lure.

Aesthetics: 10/10

Flavor: 10/10

Price: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

There we have it. Yes, you saw that correctly. I have just given my first solid 10! Honestly, the Lure is an amazing restaurant. I cannot really think of any other restaurant that is more deserving of my first perfect score besides the Lure. I highly recommend going to the Lure yourself, to try out the wide variety of delicious food that they have! So go, check it out, and leave me a comment on how it is! Also, let me know if you’d like to see a recipe or a review next week in the comments!

– Jack


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