The Lark

Week 14. Over the weekend, it was both my father and my sister’s birthday. In order to celebrate, we decided that we’d be go down to the well known restaurant, the Lark. The Lark is an interesting restaurant. The wait time to get it in incredible, and the food is unique. As a family, we sat outside. They immediately get some bonus points for the fact that they have such good outside seating areas with a very good amount of heating. The people who were serving us were also very nice, making sure to detail out each dish before we got it, and working to make sure each meal comes out at a good pace. Note that all things we ordered was shared among the family, as the Lark opts to do a sort of family-style meal.


I started out with a Mocktail. It was an interesting drink, with a neat surprise to it. Unlike your average drink, it had a spicy twist. There was actually a jalapeno put in it, with a variety of other fruit juices to sweeten it up as well. It was a nice blend between sweet and spicy, that forced me to slow down how quickly I drank it in fear of burning myself.

Next, we ordered cornbread. It had some brown sugar in it, and a very interesting taste from your typical cornbread. It even had rosemary in it, and a nice honey butter on the side. All of this built up to create a very nice flavor that was a good appetizer for the meals to come.

After that, we got oysters with grapefruit. I’m not a super fan of oysters, but these oysters were quite good. The twist with the grapefruit was a nice twist from your typical raw oyster, and covered up some of the less-pleasant tastes of a raw oyster.

Now this one was a nice surprise- brussel sprouts. The brussel sprouts were crisped to perfection, with a nice bit of lime on top to add the sort of fruity flavor. Just like the oysters, i’m not a big fan of brussel sprouts. These, like the oysters, were absolutely delicious and would recommend to anyone.

Then, we got the artichoke and the diver scallops. Both were absolutely delicious, and not much more can be said beyond that. The only interesting thing to note was that the artichoke had an egg in it, which I didn’t personally try but my dad said it tasted good.

Our main courses were the steak and the octopus were our main courses. The steak was very good, cooked to perfection and full of juicy flavor. The octopus was, in some ways, better than the steak. It was delicious, tender and not spongy like you might find with other octopus.

The meal was ended with a fudge cheesecake. It had a nice papaya ice cream, and a blueberry crisp. There was also an almond butter spread, which the fudge cheesecake could be dipped in. It was incredibly rich, and was just enough to fill me up.

Aesthetics: 10/10

Flavor: 10/10

Price: 8/10

Overall: 9.33/10

The actual storefront was great. The flavor was just as great, and was full of unique tastes that you normally wouldn’t find at your average restaurant. My biggest complaint was the price, as certain things I felt were a bit too expensive for what you were getting. The Lark overall is a very good place to go to, and if you’re looking for very fine dining and have some money to blow, i’d recommend booking your reservation now! What do you think of the Lark? Leave a comment telling me what you want to see next week- a recipe or a review.

– Jack



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