A Little Trip to Little Alex’s

Week 15. It recently was final’s week, and I was still recovering. What better way to recover than to take a trip down to get some delicious tacos?! I was also getting a haircut at the time, and this place happened to be close – and it was well known for it’s high quality Mexican food! So, I went down to Little Alex’s. It’s a cozy restaurant, with adequate room for seating and it had a nice atmosphere to it.

After ordering food – with some minor confusion on our end – my mother and I sat down. We were getting it to go, to bring it back home to the rest of my hungry family. We went with with two orders of two Carne Asada tacos, the Ensalada and the Taco Salad. Additionally, we got some chips and salsa, to add some extra to the meal. There was minimal wait time, barely having to wait over 10 minutes. Once we got our food, we headed off in order to get to the delicious feast that awaited us.

We arrived home, and I was greeted with somewhat of a disappointment With the tacos, I was promised rice and beans… I did not receive that. Thankfully, the tacos were quite large in size so I still had a rather filling meal, and was able to snack on the chips and salsa to make up for it. Having spoken to my family members, it sounded as if the Ensalada and the Taco Salad were both quite good. The only one with complaints was my father, which was mainly because we didn’t order exactly what he wanted, so I don’t really think much blame can be placed on the restaurant; if anything, it should be placed on myself.

So, for the review. The flavor of the food was quite good. It didn’t feel as if they overdid any part of the taco, and serving sizes were adequate. Normally I’ve found tacos are not the most filling, however in this case, they were quite filling. The restaurant, along with the food, really wasn’t anything special to look at. Mind you, none of it was hideous, it just wasn’t worth any sort of special praise of mentions. The price was what really stood out, if anything. The whole meal was about 30 dollars, and considering that it was for a family of 4, including sides, i’d say it is a pretty fair price. Without a doubt, the price alone is enough to make me want to go back.


Aesthetics: 7/10

Flavor: 7/10

Price: 9/10

Overall: 7.66/10

A 7.66. My final verdict is that you should, without a doubt, give Little Alex’s a try. However, I urge you to make your own opinions on it instead of taking mine as fact, as having been there, I can defiantly see how this could be someone’s favorite after trying it. No real complaints either, so if you are in the area, do go give it a chance! Let me know what you think about Little Alex’s in the comments. Also, would you like to see a recipe or a review next week? Let me know!

– Jack


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