The Crazy Chicken

Week 16 and I founded myself near an El Pollo Loco. I have a craving for Mexican food, and I wanted it fast- So I decided to take a stroll on over! I’ve had a bite to eat at El Pollo Loco before, however it was nothing serious and was normally just for a taco or two. This time, I was with my family, so we found ourselves getting a larger meal. Since we were going to be getting the food to go, it’s safe to say that the interior design and decor wasn’t a huge thing, however I do think it is worthwhile to mention. Geographically, they have a pretty good store position. It’s right next to the Verizon store, so after people set up their phone plan, they can get a bite to eat. Not only that, but there are plenty of other stores in the nearby area, and i’m sure they get plenty of hungry shoppers who find their way in. Inside, the place is pretty spacious. There is quite a bit of seating space, which seems a bit unnecessary as I don’t really see them getting full anytime soon. (I’d have to check them out during lunch, perhaps they bring in more customers than I think!) The chairs aren’t much to brag about either, being relatively average and lacking much, if any, comfort. They had an open salsa bar, which was pretty awesome as I love my salsa, and I don’t like to be restricted in my salsa eating habits. They also had a soda machine which they allowed you to get refills with, which is a nice courtesy. Too often restaurants get greedy and don’t allow refills, which in the long run costs them next to nothing. In conclusion, the interior was average. Nothing too special, however it did have some nice things about it.

El Pollo Loco has a rather straightforward menu. Their key selling point is chicken, which makes sense considering that their name literally translates to “The Crazy Chicken”. You are allowed to select how much chicken you want, and then whatever appetizers you might find yourself wanting with your chicken. (Whether that’s items to put in your taco, or to eat on the side.) They have a few other main courses on the side, but frankly the main thing worth mentioning is indeed their chicken.

Wait time was quick, and I was able to sit at a table while waiting. (Beats standing awkwardly wondering where my food is!) It took just about 5 minutes, and we were presented with our bounty. A large amount of chicken, along with corn, mashed potatoes, broccoli, chips and flour tortillas. I wasn’t in charge of ordering, mind you, or I would of got us beans as well. (I mean, seriously. Who makes a taco without beans or even rice?)

Nonetheless, the food was well done. The chicken was interesting, and seemed to be more skin than meat. The mashed potatoes were fairly average, but for sure were nothing excellent. The corn, truthfully, was excellent. The corn was well done, possibly being my favorite part of the meal in it’s entirety.  I didn’t try the broccoli, as I’ve never been big on most vegetables. From what I heard, they were nothing special.

Now, for the overall review. The food looked alright, and frankly I expected little effort for presentation, considering I had it takeout. The actual storefront wasn’t honestly that great, however it’s location is fairly decent and does have room for many people, which makes up for what it lacks in beauty. The chicken tasted alright, however as  I said before, it seemed to be more skin than meat. The corn was delicious, and enhanced the taco which I loosely assembled. Pricing was alright, as we got a decent amount of food for a relatively low price. All and all, it was average. It wasn’t excellent, just alright.

Aesthetics: 7/10

Flavor: 5/10

Price: 7/10

Overall: 6.33/10

Would I recommend it? Maybe. Are you on a budget? If so, this is the place for you. Looking for a finer dining experience, with higher quality food? Then this place is not for you. All and all, my suggestion is that you decide. Take what I’ve said into consideration, then come to the conclusion of whether you will go there or not. I personally will probably go there again, but it is not at the top of my list. Tell me your thoughts on El Pollo Loco in the comments. Do you like it? Also, let me know what you want next week. Do you want a recipe, or a review? Let me know!

– Jack


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