Persona Pizza!

Week 17. As my other classmates give up on their blogs, I persist! I was going to see the new Wonder Woman with my father, and I thought that there could be no better way to satisfy my hunger than to check out Persona! Persona is a local pizza place known for their delicious thin crust pizza. Additionally, they are sort of the “subway” for pizza, in the sense that you can order a completely customized and “Persona”l pizza!

Originally, my father and I had planned on splitting a pizza as not to eat too much. That didn’t exactly pan out. After some mildly heated debate over what type of pizza we’d get, we ultimately decided to go with one Chipotle Chicken pizza and one Carne pizza. The staff there was quite nice, and even went as far as to inform my dad about an opportunity for him to get free pizza on the spot, and we were able to get one pizza free! The actual seating area was pretty decent as well too – It’s on busy State Street, so it is without a doubt not a quiet dining experience, however the noise really detracts little from the experience. My pizza, the Chipotle Chicken, was spicy with a nice sauce and strong flavor.  My father’s pizza, the Carne, had multiple types of meat and also had a bit of a kick to it. Both were quite delicious, and were quite filling. I “won” in some senses, as I finished the whole pizza! My dad got close, but gave up near the end as he planned to eat popcorn at the theater.

Overall, i’d say that the food itself looked good, and the actual interior looked just as good. It’s a clean place, and they clearly care about the presentation of their food. Additionally, the flavor is excellent. As far as thin crust pizzas go, they are my new go to in most cases. The price as well wasn’t even that bad. They offer plenty of deals if you have an Axxess Card, so there is even the possibility of a free pizza!


Aesthetics: 7/10

Flavor: 5/10

Price: 7/10

Overall: 6.33/10

I invite you to go check out Persona pizza and let me know what you think of i! Leave a comment letting me know what you want to see next week – a recipe or a review? See you guys next week!

– Jack


One thought on “Persona Pizza!

  1. Max

    Helpful review Jack. One comment I don’t understand….you said you went out to see Wonder Woman with your Dad. Don’t you see your Mom daily – Wonder Woman? ox mom


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