Greetings, you have stumbled into my blog in the vast web that is the internet. My name is Jack, and I review food and provide you with step by step tutorials on how to make your favorite dishes. You’ll find every type of dish on this blog, from fine dining experiences to fast food. I’ll review everything and anything. Just leave a comment asking me to review something, and i’ll get right on it!

I’ve lived in Santa Barbara for a good amount of my life. I’ve adapted to the unnaturally sunny temperatures, and from time to time you might even catch me outside. Beyond eating and reviewing food, I enjoy playing video games, and when my schedule permits, occasionally scuba diving. I’ve dived in Hawaii and off the coast of Catalina island, and had some great experiences! Feel free to ask me about it sometime.

All in all, I hope I, with any luck, entertain you. I will literally go to any length to do so. In my first attempt, I’ve posted a picture of me posing below with microwaved Chinese food. I love Chinese food.

Have a great day,